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Video Series

How do you keep the Silent Impact momentum going? After a session, everyone is fired up and ready to implement what they have learned but they get back to the office and are swamped with emails, phone calls and deadlines. To keep what your team has developed at the session top of mind, Joe has developed two video series.

One is a weekly video impact message that will be sent to your team.

The second is a monthly message that is 100 % customized for your group or organization.

The monthly series uses the outcomes from the workshop that your team developed. The weekly series is an effective way to start each week and to emphasize ways to be more aware and intentional with their impact.

The videos last between 90 seconds and 2 minutes and they emphasize how the little things really are the big things when it comes to making an impact.

Watch part of the custom video series Joe produced for Lang Nelson >>