Breaking News: 
Culture First Mindset  

How Compassion, Connection and Clarity build World Class Teams

Breaking News: 
Culture First Mindset

How Compassion, Connection and Clarity build World Class Teams

"The elite organization today creates an environment where employees really want to be there, be productive and be valued. This happens only when organizations create an atmosphere of compassion, connection and clarity."  Joe Schmit

Three SECRET strategies for a
Culture First Mindset


Compassion is contagious. When people are at the center of the business, success is the by-product.


Research proves connected teams positively IMPACT the bottom line by 22%.


Clarity is the catalyst for company growth. In today's economy, culture is more important than strategy.

THE RESULTS when Joe works with organizations striving to build a World Class Culture:


  • Recruiting and Retaining Talented Employees
  • Developing a High-Performance, Highly Engaged Team
  • Improving Engagement and Collaboration
  • Fostering Less Stress, Less Wasted Time and Less Complacency
  • Impacting the Bottom Line Positively


ADP Poll: Only 16% of employees feel fully engaged including management.

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Joe is relentless at two things: making sure his clients get an amazing return on their investment and helping clients navigate the challenges of building world class teams.

Joe has researched leaders and successful organizations in his 30 years as a major market sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, author and professional speaker.

Joe has authored two books (Silent Impact and The Impact Blueprint), won 18 Emmy's, earned his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and has been inducted into the Minnesota Speakers Hall of Fame.


Culture First Mindset (2:21)

For audiences who want to connect, engage and develop a plan to build a World Class Culture.

Impact Leadership (4:30)

Perfect content for people who need to reboot, refocus and recognize the power of their influence. It's the perfect business motivational presentation with tangible takeaways.

Virtual (3:00)

Joe has been a television broadcaster for three decades so he knows how to deliver content virtually.


"Joe guided us to change our culture to helping our teammate flourish. When competitors have a rough time when the market is rough, we thrive. Thanks Joe." 

- CEO GTS Title


"We used Joe to present to our customers, our employees and our Board of Directors. Every time Joe hits it out of the park and every time there is a memorable impact."

- Dan Stolz,
Spire Credit Union


An award-winning book that captures the essence of people who live a life of impact. Stories of impact that are powerful, contagious and last a lifetime.

Stories of Influence Through Purpose, Persistence and Passion


Joe Schmit's followup to the best-selling "Silent Impact" 52 traits of people who make an impact in this world and live a life of significance.

A Step by Step to Living a Life of Significance

FLASH POINT: If your organization is ready to thrive, grow and own a World Class Culture, it is time to hire the infectious, engaging, relevant Joe Schmit to assist you in implementing the Culture First Mindset! Just do it!

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Twitter: @JoeSchmit KSTP