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How Compassion, Connection and Clarity Build World Class Teams

When an organization puts people before profits, success is the by-product. Employees today want three things: They want to work for a successful company. They want a chance to grow and advance with the organization and they want leadership that truly cares about them and the communities they serve. In this keynote or seminar, Joe Schmit will make everyone realize they are a part of building a World Class Culture where they do amazing work but still maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take the steps to help strengthen and align your culture to a mission where compassion, connections and clarity is valued. When an organization gets the culture right, it results in happier, healthier employees and great customer service.


Influence Through Purpose, Persistence and Passion

In this high energy, high-impact presentation loaded with humor Joe Schmit inspires and helps you discover how to ramp up the profound power of your influence. When you become more aware and intentional with the impact you have as a leader, it will improve your bottom line and your R.O.I.– Return on Impact. Through research, Joe has discovered that, “we make our biggest impressions when we are not trying to be impressive.” Impact Leadership is a blueprint to help you improve company culture, help you develop a high-performance team and make you a leader of significance. The impact can also be seen on the bottom line.

If there were a going away party today, who would the most people show up for? That person is having a "Silent Impact" on everyone around them, but what is their secret? Who would you place on your personal Mt. Rushmore of Influence and why would they be there? Explore what “Impact Resolutions” can you make to become a leader of leader of purpose, persistence and passion?


Watch Joe 's  presentation to 1,000 people at the Million Dollar Day for Scouting.

(R/T: 17min)

"Silent Impact" was without question the highlight of our conference and people truly enjoyed your presentation. Thanks so much I would definitely recommend it to others.

Steve Kniss

FBI NAA Northwest Chapter Minnetonka Police Dept

Thanks so much for your fantastic presentation at our Seminar yesterday. You knocked it out of the park!

Mike Smoczyk, M. Ed.

Director of Professional Development Kraus-Anderson Construction Company