Workshops & Breakout Sessions

For clients who want to take a deeper dive into Silent Impact, Joe has developed breakout sessions and half-day workshops.  He will take your team through interactive, fast-paced sessions that will improve the culture of your group or organization.  Your team will discover that making an impact starts with making connections.

The Silent Impact mindset is a game-changer that will improve communication, teamwork, production and ultimately the bottom line.  In business, cash follows creativity but it also follows those who realize that they are in the connection and relationship business.

We worked with Joe to develop our monthly "Silent Impact Resolutions" to ensure that our team kept living out the Silent Impact message through the entire year. Joe has been fantastic to work with throughout the year, providing us with a meaningful video each month to keep the conversation going and our group engaged.

Paige Snow

United Health Group

Like Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz, Joe successfully taught our sales staff how to focus the power they already
possess to impact others -WOW - talk about impacting!

Ann Ross

HUB International

"Joe spoke to our entire staff at our Back to School opening workshop and was absolutely amazing. He engaged our staff for 2 hours and made every point within his book, Silent Impact, relevant. I would highly recommend Joe to any organization that is looking to make a connection with customers or students."

Jeff Elstad

Superintendent Byron Public Schools